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In any program there will bugs! And this game isn't an exception. I will try to announce every known bug on this page.
If you find any - then please let me know since it is hard for me to find every bug my self. Thank you in advance.

Known bugs.

The Enigma Game
  • When you startup the game you can be presented with an "Automation error" - I am looking into this as this is written. But the work-around is to restart the game and the error shouldn't be there. (At least for some game starts!) (Most likely fixed.)

  • You are not able to swich between windows. When the game is started - do not use CTRL+ALT+DEL, Windows key, ALT+TAB, ALT+ESC or other window swiching keys. You will receive a Automation Error.

    Level Creator
  • If you create more than 100 levels in one scenario the program will crash. (fixed)
  • You cannot add a new level in the scenario unless you save and load the scenario again! Stupid error - will be fixed asap! (fixed)

  • Level upload didn't work. (fixed)