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Since there is a limited number of levels by default you are here able to pick up some player-made levels. I cannot, of cause, guarantee the quality of the levels but I trust that all players will do their best to make some quality levels.

Furthermore - players are able to rank the levels from 0 to 10 and also how diffucalt they think the levels are - it's ranked by "Easy", "Medium" and "Hard".

Thank you for taking the time to help other players.

Click here to submit your own level. It will be present in the [ players level download ] instantly.

Player-made levels

Uploaded11-08-2008 22:31:49
CommentPlease try this
No of levels1
Download levelClick here.

LevelnameThe original enigma levels (updated)
Uploaded24-12-2006 12:38:57
CommentThis is a updated version of the original levels. This package contains 26 levels. Download version 1.1 of the game to get this and update the game. Go to the download section.
No of levels26
Download levelClick here.

LevelnameThe original enigma levels
Uploaded23-10-2006 22:38:53
CommentThis file contains all the original levels. I suppose this will be updated regular when player-made levels are uploaded. Furthermore - this file is included in the The Enigma game. So have you downloaded that - then you dont need this one. Enjoy. :o)
No of levels12
Download levelClick here.