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The overall gold is to complete the level with all available diamonds on the level. To get these diamonds you might need to move some of the rocks that is in your way. But be careful - it is possible that they might be in your way later on in the level. Futhermore - there are doors that can only be opened if you have a key - also... use them prober!

All in all - the game is simple but the levels might be more diffucalt then it seems. ;o)

  This is our hero that you move with the arrow keys.

  To complete the level you need to collect all diamonds.

  Since our hero don't like bombs then try to avoid them. If there is a bomb in your way - try using the rocks instead.

  Collect all keys in your path - they might become in-handy to complete the level.

  These doors are locked until you have a key. Be aware how you use these keys... it is proberly not as simple as it seems.

  Just a simple wall... you can not get pass these.

  You are able to move the rocks in any direction you like. But think twice before you move them - perhaps they are blocking your way later.

  When you have collected all available diamonds then go to the exitsign and complete the level.