CallerID [DTMF Version]
I have stopped working on this product but feel free to use it anyway! ;o)

Q: How often is this program updated?
  • Depends on how much time I have. Don't expect this software to updated very often.

    Q: Can I somehow get some help around here?
  • No. I don't have the time to help. If the program is widely used I might set up af forum. (I dought it!) And by the way - the program is working just fine! ;o)

    Q: Can I sell this program?
  • No.

    Q: Can it be installed on other systems than Windows?
  • I guess not! (but I'm working on a Linux port for the CallerID Client for the KDE platform.)

    Q: Can I give some suggestions about further versions?
  • No - but thank you!

    Q: How come it get an error message saying that I'm missing a OCX/DLL file?
  • The CallerID programs uses the following OCX/DLL files:

    Q: Where can I get these OCX/DLL files?
  • Try the above question! ;o)

    Q: I've got all the OCX/DLL files needed - what now?
  • You have to register the OCX's in Windows.
  • Example: regsvr32 MSWINSCK.OCX

    Q: Where can I buy this excellent hardware?
  • Brinck Elektronik - Look for product ID: BR957

    Q: I have read the FAQ and my question is still not answered?
  • Well I guess this FAQ lacks a little ... I'll try to update it a much as I can!

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